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Buy gold by msRonaPavlova on DeviantArt (Remember that when Grunkle Stan was readying for the apocalypse, he asked Robbie if he had been buying gold?)

((Anyone wanna Rp?)) I was walking through the forest, not really minding. People warned me to take caution. Saying two sets of twins saved the town from something, but a law kept the from saying. As I was deep in thought, a walk right into a statue, and fall back. Regaining balance I look at it, "Why hello there. I have no idea why, but sorry."

This is one of the main reasons why I love this show. Their sibling relationship is something we can all relate to in some way, bickering in not a mean-spirited way, while knowing they got each other's back.

And he told Robbie to bury his gold, so I'm just going to dig a grave for my gold and put it in