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Rush Limbaugh offers to sit down with Obama If it were not for me, the news media would be able to protect him

Anybody see a problem here? Please Conservatives...plan now to be a voter volunteer in the 2014 elections. Let's make sure we "truth the vote"..

Michael Moore... Epic Dick. Eventually his heart will give up under the pressure

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh make the extraordinary call for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for his neglect of the law when it came to he and his administration's handling of the ongoing Internal Revenue Service scandal.

Truth is not on their side… Do not allow the other side to put you in a box. They know they can’t defend [accusing Obama’s opponents as being racist] so they have to rely on making you scared. They want to shut you up; don’t let them. - Allen West

Protecting Your Personal Finances

Protecting Your Personal Finances |

This Ain't Pretty: Conservatives React After Election. Re-Pin If YOU Think Conservatives Will Take Back America!

Allen West “This latest revelation has to cause EVERY American citizen grave concern” - Allen West Republic

Perhaps the most striking thing about the 2015 State of the Union address was not the president at the podium but the audience in the seats. The joint session of Congress listening to President Obama Tuesday night included 83 fewer Democrats than the group that heard Obama's first address in 2009 — 69 fewer Democrats in the House and 14 fewer in the Senate. The scene in the House Chamber was a graphic reminder of the terrible toll the Obama years have taken on Capitol Hill Democrats. Not ...

The shocking numbers: Americans are dangerously ignorant on politics

The shocking numbers: Americans are dangerously ignorant on politics -- they think the founders of America wanted a Christian nation