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Out of this Darkness, the Light of Hope will Shine. And with the Lessons learned; You will come forth out of the cocoon; Like a Butterfly, celebrating its Transformation. Beautiful Hearts, we may be Brave; But we’re all a little Fragile at times. ~ Kiran.

@nibcfb Charity, This made me think of you. But the person who pinned it said this and it made me laugh ( Always choose kindness. Unless you're dealing with a real asshole and you have access to a flame-thrower. Then choose the flame-thrower.

Anyday... Remember that someone has problems too. They could've just been broken up with.. their family member could've passed.. they could've just gotten a ticket. How are you to know unless truly knowing that person? don't judge unless you know the full

also along this line: actions speak louder than words. SO REAL SO TRUE!!! Just think about it next time you say" call me if you need anything" instead: " Can I ...." Would ...... be helpful? What small thing can I do that would help.... LOVE this.