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Ironclad. Mobile armoured suits of outstanding firepower, they perform reconnaissance in hostile environments, security in sub-orbital cities and limited military action dependant on the owner species' own territory and demands. There is a supply rivalry between two commercial entities for control of the Ironclad market; the Kohol Organization and the Yugol-Marr Corporation.

Mecha - final step by ~Grosnez on deviantART via

Juggernaut Mech Design desert by on @deviantART

ethostheatre: İçi boş olan zaman ağırdır. Rodney William Whitaker

Simon Stålenhag's Incredible New Paintings Show an Alien Invasion That has Failed as Much as it has Succeeded - Digital Arts

Psi-Knight, Max Emmert on ArtStation at

A feast of art from Kari Christensen

My mother isn't human. She's a Machine. But she's still my mother. And I love her.

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even robots like presents - Adorable, cute and whimsical. Brilliant artwork <3