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It IS feminism. Feminism doesn't just apply to girls, it means equality through genders.

This stuff pisses me off so much. they are human, guys cry just like girls do and should be allowed to be emotional. everyone should be free to express their feelings and concerns for their mental health. To all the guys out there struggling, I'm here for you and things get better. Your allowed to seek help if you feel like your in a dark place.

YES. Had a conversation about new Star Wars with 2 guys. Both of them complained about female leads in The Force Awakens and Rogue One, and how it was shoving feminism down their throats. And they each have kids, who will learn from their dad's example.

Even If Being Gay Was A Choice

Even if being gay was a what??? People choose to be assholes and they can get married. LOL -- Great point :) Gay rights #LGBT #LGBTPride