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Sometimes a better day is only an inspirational quote away

Unfortunately we learn a little late down the path that most things that we worry about and give our utmost intentions to dont really give us comfort . Stopping and putting things in perspective of fond memories and happiness doesnt happen often enough.

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I lost myself in hate and fear. Fear of life. Fear of God. Fear and hatred of myself. Then I decided to change. That took a miracle. That took God. And Now I'm no longer afraid. Positive Thoughts & Good Vibes.

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Your mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to being successful. When you believe all the way to your BONES that success is your only option, you take every step POSSIBLE to ensure that failure is not a possibility. Your success is 100% your responsibility, and yours alone. Excuses are for the weak! Decide today that your only option is success!

Kids will never be carbon copies of their parents. A terrible mistake to try to force them into a mold. There's a million ways to be a happy, successful adult.