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Quantum Mind Self Awareness - The Psychology of the Universe: STEP 27. The series is for a serious student that cares about LIFE and endeavour to understand how creation functions in fact in specific details.

How can you support yourself to source where in your body a feeling energy experience is coming from? Where in your body are the different kinds of energy stored and how can you support yourself to get to know yourself within energy experiences? How can you support yourself to identify where in your daily life you are accessing feeling energy without awareness?

These are the top ten most popular products on EQAFE this fall. Find out what others have already discovered through these interviews and join in the journey of discovering the true nature of self, existence, and awareness on EQAFE. The following products are included: * [It is TIME to Change - Reptilians - Part 150]( * [Quantum Mind Self Awareness - STEP 8]( * [When De...

What is the Quantum Physical and Physical Mind? Where do these minds exists within you? How do these minds function - what do they do?