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It's here now, family, not for some time afar off. But, if you don't know who the TRUE Chosen People of scripture are than all biblical prophecy and your understanding of it will be waaaay off. Know the times by knowing who you are♥ The world is going to be mortally wounded by its misunderstanding of scripture by its gross misunderstanding of who the real Israelites are. Pray for them, too. If we had not fallen due to disobedience, we would've been ministering truth all along, hence the…

Cotton pickers receiving sixty cents a day, Pulaski County, Arkansas, October 1935.. Shahn, Ben -- Photographer. October 1935

NYPD officers drag naked Brooklyn woman from apartment — VIDEO

Naked Brooklyn woman dragged from apartment, left topless in hallway for minutes by NYPD officers who say she beat 12-year-old daughter — SEE THE VIDEO

One hour of American slavery is fraught with more misery than ages of that which we rose in rebellion to oppose. by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

The Hebrew Israelite Community (Paperback)

The Hebrew Israelite Community introduces the African-Americans who are members of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Israel from a sociological and anthropological perspective.