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"A wise custom of the ancient Holy Fathers: when greeting each other, they didn't ask about health or anything else, but rather about prayer, saying "How is your prayer?" Prayer was considered by them to a be a sign of the spiritual life, and they called it the breath of the spirit. If the body has breath, it lives; if breathing stops, life comes to an end. So it is with the spirit. If there is prayer, the soul lives; without prayer, there is no spiritual life." St. Theophan the Recluse

Nietzsche meets Therese

G.K.Chesterton observes that every age is saved by a saint most contrary to the spirit of the age. This clash--this ability by Divine Providence to provide a saint that stands everything on [...]

"True fasting lies in rejecting evil, holding one's tongue, suppressing one's hatred, and banishing one's lust, evil words, lying and betrayal of vows." - Saint Basil the Great

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