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Things you usually see up a tree! - Pt. Chev Auckland NZ - Fujifilm X-T1 16-55mm f/7.1 10s ISO200 - Lightroom

Composition - trail lined with pine trees rows of trees and bush in the mid background a very faint silhouette of Rangitoto in the backdrop and Ad doing what he does best - leading us around another banger of a trail run (can you see him). Have to admit this is one of my personal favs #bloodygoodonyouriverhead - Riverhead Forest Auckland New Zealand - Sony NEX-5R 18-55mm f/9 1/500s ISO 100 - Lightroom / Colour Efex Pro

As you come up that hill after tackling some gnarly stairs past that huge Puriri tree the trail opens up to this. This is Karepiro bay down below is a beach - I think one of the only undeveloped beach in Auckland if you're early enough you'll be the only person there. At low tide sometimes you'll see horse riders out on the marine reserve also a chance to go out there yourself watch the birdlife - NZ Dotterel Oyster Catchers Herons Shags. Who watched the TV1 news today? You would have seen…

Not always about the big wide landscapes huge big mud puddles tall trees; but sometimes the little things you notice look around and take it all in #bloodygoodonyouriverhead - Riverhead Forest Auckland New Zealand - Sony NEX-5R 18-55mm f/5.6 1/500s ISO 160 - Lightroom / Colour Efex Pro

I wanted to capture these brilliant pine trees we were amongst; how about a mid run panoramic stitch shot. This is 9 shots stitched together 35 mega pixels can you spot them runners going up the trail. #bloodygoodonyouriverhead - Riverhead Forest Auckland New Zealand - Sony NEX-5R 18-55mm f/4 1/80s ISO 250 - Lightroom / Colour Efex Pro

This is the land of the long white cloud. And a few sheep and kiwis #discoveraucklandkk - Northcote point Auckland - Sony NEX-5R 18-105mm f/7.1 25s ISO100 - Lightroom

Spot Jenny! A huge Puriri tree towers over the track. - Okura Bush Auckland NZ - HTC Desire Eye - Snapseed

Monday night super combo = that moon that tree low tide more light great mates couple of drinks good laughs and oh yeah some running - Browns Bay Auckland NZ - HTC Desire Eye - Strava / Instagram

The lion in the hunt. - Mercer Bay Loop Auckland NZ - Fujifilm X-T1 16-55mm f/7.1 1/120s ISO400 - Lightroom

One of the best little local tracks I know 1.7km of single fast trail with native trees birds and stream goodness. And oddly enough it is flanked by two main busy urban roads and the entrances well if you can find this hidden sign you can find the track I've read that some trees within this reserve likely pre-date Maori arrival in New Zealand! It's must do on my Wednesday night trails. - Fernhill Escarpment Bush Rd Auckland - HTC Desire Eye - Snapseed