Strive to never ever say it if u don't mean it - saying it won't eventually make it true-being angry isn't an excuse- something's can never be unsaid or taken back oh hunny watch that mouth, know your heart,mind and soul first

A Great Quote By John Lenon…

A great quote by John Lenon…

Haha caitlin no friends I can't believe I am so short tempered I feel like the darkness is consuming me and I do not know what to do I keep replaying that night ir eslse someone brings something up anti go back to them times and feel saddened ... :) :(

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i love this... this makes me think of the relationship i had right before my last one. i had no idea of his true feelings, he only told me once it was too late, when we started talking after me and my ex broke up.

... I sure hoped not I'd rather have you then ever want to miss you. I wanted you to just let me know that I wasn't just someone you use to know. It sucks it trying like hell to tear me down little by little my smile is fading I don't want it to.

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Actually, I can do everything you said I couldn't, be everything you said I…

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Not my words...but the following is very much truth. For as much as I preach about doing for others, it's shouldn't be all you do. Reflecting on what you want personally - albeit socially, emotionally, or otherwise - is a critical aspect to your growth.