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When this man's wife went blind he made an extraordinary gesture of love

When a loving husband's wife went blind and became depressed he made an extraordinary gesture of love to make her life better. The incurable romantic , known only as Mr Kuroki, planted a lush carpet of thousands of beautiful-smelling flowers so she could enjoy their garden again. Mr Kuroki wanted to make his beloved smile after she lost her eyesight aged 52. After going blind, she became withdrawn and depressed, often not wanting to leave the house.

(4) Soon, word spread about the flowers and the reason for their existence, and visitors started popping in. Mrs. Kuroki began to meet these visitors, started smiling again, and by and by came fully out of her self-imposed exile. Mr. Kuroki had finally achieved what he had set out to do. By making this flower garden for his wife, Mr. Kuroki also became part of a select group of husbands in human history who have created something grand for their wives with only love as their guiding force.

Husband plants thousands of pink blooms for his blind wife

Beauty: He planted thousands of bright pink shibazakura flowers, also known as moss phlox,...

Loving Husband Plants a Field of Scented Flowers for His Blind Wife to Smile Every Day

When Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki married in 1956, they took on a difficult, yet gratifying, life together. Every morning, the pair would rise early to care for their 60-cow dairy farm and they raised two children along the way. They barely had time to rest, but hoped their hard work would one day pay off when they retired and took a trip around Japan. Unfortunately, these plans changed when Mrs. Kuroki's diabetes caused her to unexpectedly lose her eyesight at the untimely age of 52. She was abs...

Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands of Flowers for Blind Wife

kuroki-san's beautiful garden planted for his sightless wife photo by machiyakuba shintomi

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki lived a happy life as dairy farmers in rural Japan, raising two lovely children. But tragedy struck when Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her sight due to complications from diabetes. Soon, she became depressed and withdrawn, secluding herself in the family home.

Marido Passa 2 Anos Plantando Milhares De Flores Para Que Sua Esposa Cega Possa Cheirar

Loving Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell