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Just over 3000 years old. After all this time, I greet the end as an old friend. Come. Sit. Enjoy. There is no particular theme. Just a journey through my mind.

People who demand respect for this bullshit are fools

It's astonishing to me that people can reconcile extreme right-wing views with being a "Christian".Unless of course Christianity, the religion of love& peace, actually exists to exclude people not like them and to condemn them to eternal torment. PS if God is omnipresent, what difference can it make sending people elsewhere. He's everywhere, you know !

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Let's Hope this is Not Govt. This woman is an Idiot. This is Not Religion. This Honor to our Nation and our Military that Risk or Gave their lives for you and me.... FIRE HER

A False Religion!....Actually it's not a Religion at all it's a Radical Political Organization That wants to Crush your Freedom and Beliefs...With Deadly Force..WAKE UP AMERICA!

Sharia law has ZERO traction in the United States of America. We the People should NEVER allow it so much as a single breath, much less a toe-hold.