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navigation home ask submit Me FAQ My name is Marc Eddy. I am a 22 year old boy who lives in Los Angeles California and has 6 cats. Instagram @marceddy Twitter @realMarcEddy navigation home ask submit Me FAQ redux edit by kingies

Funny Joke Of The Day By Minions

Or as this dog calls it, "The Nope, Huh-Uh Place of Pain and Degradation" Anal thermometer anyone?

Ninja Exam Can you pass it?!

An image collection on imgfave

Cat pics go viral after Belgian police plead for no tweets on raids

this applies to my friend group perfectly. (if you couldn't guess, I'm one of the nutty kitties)

Dr Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory, Dr Gregory House - House, Capt Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribean, Sherlock Homes - Sherlock, Tony Stark - Iron Man