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two baby poodles missing their mom

my sindy doll was way better than barbie cause she had a normal body not a characature of a woman ...miss her. damn that stupid poodle

A collection of 1920’s photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the kiss curl, the orchid bob, the charleston cut, coconut bob, earphones hairstyle, cottage loaf (bun) and popular styles you’ll probably never see in a period drama like extreme windblown style, the frizzy hairstyle and the Poodle cut.

<P>"Play with me and fluff my hair, I'll sit very quietly on a chair!"</P><P>Patsy is a cute pink poodle with big glittery eyes. She'll be a great companion to add to your beanie boo collection.</P><P><B>Plush toy</B> by <B>TY</B></P><UL><LI>Birthday: May...

[This post was made possible by my friends The Honest Bison. I used their delicious bone broth to make this soup. Oy with the poodles already! Get it? French->Poodles-> Gilmore Girls reference. It’s how my brain works. And trust me the references that pop up in there are super weird. Like monkey monkey underpants…banana. Let’s talk soup! I have a large collections of cookbooks. Some loved more than others. But mostly I love reading them like novels and my favorite is Julia Child’s Mast...

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