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How to Draw Dog Ears Step 1 The ancestor of dogs, a wolf, has pointed ears, and they still can be found in many breeds. They're quite easy to draw. The more hairy the dog, the more fluffy the ears (compare a German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute).

The most colourful and spectacular festivals of 2016: Miao ethnic minority: Men carry a dog, wearing a costume and seated on a stool, as a form of respect as they believe that dogs found water for their ancestors, during a local festival for the Miao ethnic minority in Jianhe county, Guizhou Province, China on 14 August 2016. Reuters

Anuncios The legend of El Cadejo is very popular in El Salvador, although it is also known in Central America, Mexico and part of South America. This legend comes from the times of our indigenous ancestors, who believed that the dog helped humans in their passage into the afterlife when they died. With the arrival …

The debate among scientists and geneticists as to the origin of dogs rages on – specifically, when and where they first split off from their wolf ancestors.

Dog wolf print - Their ancestors were wolves 30x30cm (12x12in) illustration square print

Most Serious Dog Health Symptoms That Cannot Be Ignored. Dogs can be very good at hiding illnesses from their owners. They get this from their ancestors that used to hide when they were sick, as a sick dog was vulnerable out in the wild. Sometimes the symptoms they are showing don’t seem severe enough to warrant a trip to the vet, but there are some dog health symptoms that cannot be ignored. #dogs #doghealth #symptoms #pets