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The curse of Iggy Azalea is spreading to television

Just because someone knows what makes good TV, doesn't mean they know how to make conscious TV.

When I play music, I don't need your dude-bro arrogance

To these guys, my gender screams "I'm incompetent and need you to teach me." The look on their faces when they see that I can play (and play well) is satisfying.

Black female artists have to raise everyone's kids

Black female artists are expected to exchange their humanity for the sake of coddling consumers.

Deen Squad needs to shut up and go home with their misogyny

These lyrics are exactly as misogynistic, they're no different.

No, I don't want to be your 'Muslim Queen'

THE MASALA MIX: Desi Ladies Making Music

Desi women demand our attention - so let's give it to them.

Kanye's obsession with Amber Rose and Taylor Swift is getting old

Like Facebook Twitter Tumblr reddit The most talked about image of Kanye West’s new music video “Famous” » Read more about: Kanye’s obsession with Amber Rose and Taylor Swift is getting old »

Jagger and Bowie did what now?

Is it because, maybe, as a society we're still just a shade homophobic?

I used to adore Yeezy - but it'll never be the same

If he really believes in Cosby's innocence, I can't be here for that.

Rihanna's ANTI is killing it in all the right ways

ANTI came out just in the nick of time - and I have the scoop.