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Gazania Gazania flowers, also known as African daisies or treasure flowers, are heat-loving annuals that are sometimes grown as perennials in warm climates

Gazania Gazania Sp Big Kiss White Flame Print by VisionsPictures

Gazania. This annual loves sun & dry conditions. It's short but notice that the brown on this flower look like a row of bird feathers. I plant these on open spots in a sedum bed.

Blanket Flower, Gaillardia. Hardy, sun-loving and easy to keep perennial. No pruning or fussing, or no serious pests or diseases.

Gazanias (a type of African daisy) are one of my favorite flowers to plant in the garden. They are easy to care for, hardy, and bloom profusely for multiple months. I'm not sure if they would grow well in SD, but they were wonderful in OR.