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Reminds me of my sweet friend who often says, 'Do the last thing God told you to (not 20 yrs ago); then do the next thing (not what He plans for you to do in the future; and just keep moving forward (in step) with The Savior.' {loose paraphrase} Thanks M.

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Mary Johnson in the owner and creator of MB Art Studios- which if you haven’t heard of yet, I’m sure you will quickly fall in love with all of her pieces!

There's a history between us, an unknown in this lifetime. I feel like I have known you for forever... old souls, new love An unending flame, a new spark Where have you been all my life?! Always here with you, from a lifetime past, unbeknownst to us in the now. A happily ever after, to our new beginning Love all that was lost, live this life With these old souls Together again, for the rest of this life And until we meet again❤

If everyone was blind, our opinions of each other would be very different. We'd focus much less on the physical and more on the spiritual and emotional. I think we should be able to be able to impress with both sides of the coin.

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