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The Bookworm (German: Der Bücherwurm) is an 1850 oil-on-canvas painting by the German painter and poet Carl Spitzweg.

The Bookworm (Der Bücherwurm), 1850. Carl Spitzweg (German, 1808-1885). Oil on canvas. Typical of Spitzweg’s humorous, anecdotal style and characteristic of Biedermeier art in general. The painting is representative of the introspective and conservative mood in Europe during the period between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the revolutions of 1848, but at the same time pokes fun at those attitudes by embodying them in the fusty old scholar unconcerned with the affairs of the mundane…

Wonderful painting "The Bookworm" by Carl Spitzweg's (1850). I have a very old framed copy of this hanging in my home library. My print belonged to my grandmother and hung in her home for many years, so it means a lot to me.