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Song 44 "Hungry Heart" Bruce Springsteen (1980) Early in my college teaching career, I went out with the students after our Final Exam and the Pizza Hut (of all places) allowed us to stay and party after they closed and even allowed us to turn up the juke box and this song was played a lot that night.

Song 68A "Tell It to My Heart" - Taylor Dayne (1987) I always played basketball to stay in shape and would take dance tapes onto the basketball court when I worked out alone and played them on my boom box. (There are three songs that I associate with this, 68B and 68C coming soon)

I Can't Make You Love Me - Adele may have covered this song but no one sings it better than Bonnie Raitt.

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Young at Heart- Frank Sinatra, Customizable double sided lyric pillow

“Something always bring me back to you… It never takes too long…” lyrics from “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles