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"No matter how many days or nights passes by, I will never stop missing you " SOLD.

Lets begin a journey of fantasy and fairy tales. A lake and a fairy boat To sail in the midnight clear, And merrily we would float From the dragons that watch us here. The gown should be snow-white silk And strings of orient pearls. Like gossamers...

Snuggling otters…

Sea Otters are good mother's. They roll their baby in a sea kelp vine, so they won't float away, while moms dive for Abaloney-their shellfish food. They bring up 2 stones, from the bottom. Lay 1 on their chest and pound the Abaloney shell with the other.

♥• ̮•♥ Ahahahahaha!!! Thank you for this wonderful pin My Dearest Michelle ~<•>‿<•>~ as it certainly portrays me and my madness trying to find the right pair of new glasses frames.