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I would find this funny but it's not the thought of Dan dying makes me want to cry. Not just Dan though the thought of all my favorite Youtubers dying or being dead. To think one day that they won't be sitting behind a camera and saying Hello internet or hello kills me.

I think it's because dans head is not facing straight ahead, but at a slight angle

Dan is asking the real life questions here people... I hope it does cuz going outside means I have to socialise lol!!!

Inspiring image amazingphil, dan, dan howell, danisnotonfire, funny, lol, phan, phil lester, phandom, first video #3044748 by winterkiss

Am I the only one that realized that all these quotes are from the same video? xD They are still beautiful though

It's true. I jump when there's a jumpscare, but when Dan screams....he does it quite a bit also during spooky week lol