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Helena. Girl in her(roaring)thirties; half spanish, half greek. Jazz, silent cinema and and lover, dreaming with a modern flapper´s world. Sometimes, my posts have been written both in English and Spanish because I love to write in my own...

Within her eyes, there was fear, but that look came and passed as quickly as the strike of lightning within her soul. Low, dark laughter rumbled like the thunder. Rylee was no more, and just as they all feared, the nameless one had emerged.

Bicycling has been consistently popular since the bicycle was invented, especially with children. Who can forget the thrilling sense of independence as the world expanded, first by blocks, and then by miles, beyond the boundaries

( open rp, im the girl in the pic named Jessie, I need another girl and a boy ) I am running so fast my heart is pounding. I hear it behind me and I trip on a rock and fall. I scream as it picks up my arm and bites me. "Help!" I scream and kick it off

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