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These five historical romances from Anita Mills sweeps readers back in time, to places like 11th Century Normandy, where the danger of loving the wrong man can be perilous, and where forbidden love flourishes in the darkened corners of castles.

This romance bundle will spirit you away to the Scottish highlands, and sweep you into dangerous romance—the very best kind…

These six grand, sweeping historical romances from Janis Reams Hudson take readers out West, where the sun reveals all the hidden desires lurking in the shadows, and the passion sizzles hotter than the desert sands.

Six sizzling romances go historical in these passionate tales from the past.

Keep your heating bills down this winter and warm up with these cold-weather romances!

Can’t afford a trip to Scotland and a time machine? Danice Allen’s sumptuous Regency romances are the next best thing.

A true artist of Regency romance, Fiona Hill paints pictures of the past with warmth and intrigue, enchanting readers the world over with her beautiful, heartfelt tales.

New York Times bestselling author Edna Buchanan brings the heat to Miami with her Britt Montero series, about a crime reporter who always finds herself in the middle of the story—and the action.

The West is wild, but it’s the people that are untamed in Roseanne Bittner’s smoldering Bride series.

In the world of fantasy novels, Robert Evert is a supernova talent, and the RIDDLE IN STONE series brings twisting suspense and an unforgettable protagonist into the pantheon of great books.