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AC Adapter 220 volt accessory for powering the SkyScan Model P5

110 volt AC Adapter to power the SkyScan Model P5

Carrying case for SkyScan Model P5

Model P5 wallmount bracket

SkyScan Model P5 is the only professional grade portable lightning detection and early warning device available today. In a rugged self-contained case, it has the electronic sophistication to detect lightning strikes over 40 miles away, and to accurately track a storm's approach with both its audible horn and its large LED visual alerts. The LED alerts are in four ranges, providing vital information when the storm is moving towards, away or parallel to your position.

EWS-PRO Features: Accurate digital microprocessor with patented dual antenna receiving system Built in 12 volt rechargable power source, operating for 7+ days on a single charge Loud 95db alert horn, with an adjustable range setting Rugged weather-resistant case Low battery indicator Severe thunderstorm alert that warns of large storm cell approaching False signal filtering feature to warn against any possible location interference.