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Had my students use real dying tulips that I had to label and dissect in order to learn their parts and their job in reproduction.

Learn About Plants - Different Parts - YouTube. This is a video that can be shown that is very descriptive of the plant parts.

3 page file with 30 name labels. Just type in your students' names to create your own labels for anything: cubbies, journals, homework folders, et...

Labeling is such an important beginning reading/writing skill. These labeling sheets are perfect for our youngest learners. They contain fun words for the children to sound out and write. Even if they can only identify the first or last letter in the word, they can still try to figure out where the words go on each sheet, based on just those one or two sounds, because of the picture clues. Labeling is a great skill to help our students gain phonemic awareness.

parts of a flower - open a real flower to show parts; then let kids open another flower with their fingers

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