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The Salt Project | Things to do for Spring Break

How to Upcycle Metal Barbecue Skewers Into Garden Markers

Use old BBQ skewers to make adorable new garden markers with your ow custom design! Upcycling is just the best.

Sticks & Stones: 5 Outdoor Craft Ideas for Kids

Pebble Plaque: This project starts with a trip outdoors to collect a basket of small, beautiful stones for an all-natural mosaic. Use clay or saltdough?

Diwali rangoli designs with colored salt

How to make colored salt - so easy! Great for sensory play and learning.


"Baking soda neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. use baking soda around all of the edges of flower beds to keep th...

Easy DIY Patio Ideas

DIY patio, outdoor patio ideas, outdoor living, popular pin, outdoor projects…

outside lighting -I made a ton of these for my garden party. They looked so nice at night when lit. I used epson salt instead of rocks. And used jute to tie around the mason jars

Snow angel and mark making in salt and glitter

DIY pallet table - step by step tutorial ***(I want to add a sunken box in the middle to hold salt n pepper, napkins, etc...)***