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Charlottesville Virginia + San Diego California Wedding Photographer - Meredith Sledge Photography | Photography Sketchbook | Just a snapshot of my photography sketchbook showing my thought progression and analysis of individual photos i had taken following the theme of Personal Projection. Each photo was taken on 35mm film in black and white and developed using dark room techniques.

7 daily exercises that will make you a better photographer

7 daily exercises that will make you a better photographer. This give you a way to constantly improve your skills in photography. Go through essentials as well as ways to make your photos more appealing and to get you on the right track. I say why not.

Veronica Lake 1940, photo by George Hurrell. (PIC 4) I love this image as the highlights and shadows are drastic, which gives a strong and dominant feel to the photo. Therefore making the women in the image important in some way. This is something I am going to consider in my own images as to portray the Hollywood actress as important and well known.

I like how the lighting is only lighting only half of her body leaving the other side in shadows.