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When is #prison the best sentence to impose? - Prof Arie Freiberg addresses a capacity audience of 190 people at public forum ‘Why Prison? Why Not?’ in Melbourne, Monday 12 May | Sentencing Advisory Council [audio, transcripts slides available here] #justice

SACStat - Sentencing #statistics for the Victorian Magistrate's Court - Award-winning application includes data for over 500 different offences sentenced in the Magistrates' #Court of Victoria between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2012 | Sentencing Advisory Council

NT prisoners sentenced to a job - Mick and his wife are hard at #work for the Northern Territory Department of Corrections' Sentenced to a Job program. They are both serving their first #prison sentences, nine months each for assaulting a taxi driver, but they're keeping themselves busy. Mick works for Savannah Powdercoaters in Darwin, while his wife cooks for the elderly | Nine MSN

Serving justice after prison - A former #law student who went ‘off the rails’ at the age of 21 and landed a five year #jail stint was in Mildura last week to speak to students about the definition of success | Sunraysia Daily

Capturing the Haunting Lights of America's Prisons

Capturing the Haunting #Lights of America's Prisons - Photographer Stephen Tourlentes toured the US taking #night -time photos of state #prisons | Atlantic Cities #photography

2450 days in #prison for a #murder he didn't commit - Jensen wrongly spent almost seven years in #jail for the #murder of his father. He's still fighting for #justice. Here is his story... | The Age

Indigenous offenders more likely to be imprisoned - The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) analysis of lower court sentencing of #Indigenous [ #Aboriginal ] #offenders from 1998-2008 in NSW & South Australia showed that Indigenous offenders were more likely to receive a #prison term than similarly situated non-Indigenous offenders & that this gap may well be increasing | Australian Institute of Criminology