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The writer, director and actor behind such comedy classics as Animal House, Caddyshack and Ghostbusters died on Monday, Feb. 24 from complications related to auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis, a condition he had battled for the past four years. He was 69. RIP:: Dr. Egon Spengler

Eli Wallach, the enduring and artful character actor who starred as Mexican hombres in the 1960s film classics The Magnificent Seven and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, died June 24 at his home in Manhattan. He was 98. ~ LOVED this man in The Holiday also!!!!

British actor Bob Hoskins died in April after a battle with pneumonia. He was 71. A character actor known for playing tough guys with soft centers. His role in the part-animated 1988 hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit is his most memorable. Surviving are his wife, Linda and children Alex, Sarah, Rosa and Jack. What a great & funny actor.

Ruth Robinson Duccini, best known for her role as a Munchkin in the 1939 classic The Wizard Oz, died of natural causes at age 95. Duccini was residing at a hospice care center in Las Vegas when she passed on Jan. 16. She is somewhere over that rainbow now.....

Casey Kasem ~ The American Top 40 radio host who crafted a long and lucrative career out of counting down to No. 1 died on Father's Day, June 15, at age 82. Kasem, who hosted the syndicated weekend show for nearly four decades, died of complications from dementia at St. Anthony's Hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash.

Mickey Rooney, the pint-sized ball of energy who starred as Andy Hardy, America's boy next door, in 16 films for MGM — merely one highlight in an irrepressible and unimaginable nine-decade career in show business — died on April 6. He was 93.

Ann B. Davis, best known as ever chipper live-in housekeeper Alice Nelson on the popular ABC series The Brady Bunch, died Sunday, June 1, in San Antonio, after taking a bad fall in her home. She was 88.

James Garner, the charming leading man from Oklahoma who made it look easy on NBC's The Rockford Files and in films opposite Doris Day, Julie Andrews and Sally Field during more than a half-century in show business, died July 19. He was 86.

Ruby Dee, an Oscar-nominated actress whose career spanned five decades, died peacefully on June 11 at her New Rochelle, N.Y., home from age-related causes. She was 91. A Raisin in the Sun, Roots, The Stand ~ I still quote one of her lines as Mother Abigail Freemantle from The Stand, "Mayhap you is & Mayhap you ain't"... What a career (1946 to 2013)!!! Such a beautiful & memorable woman!!

Joan Rivers, the blunt, tart-tongued celebrity and talk show host who reconstructed her career time and time again en route to becoming one of the most memorable female comics of all time, died Sept. 4 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She was rushed there Aug. 28 and placed on life support after she suffered from respiratory and cardiac arrest during surgery on her vocal cords in a doctor's office. She was 81.