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Stand with the Munduruku and save the heart of the Amazon. Sign the petition!

The heart of the Amazon rainforest is at risk. There are dangerous plans to build a new mega-dam across one of the Amazon’s largest rivers - the PLEASE SIGN & SHARE TO SAVE THE #HEART OF THE #RAINFOREST:Tapajos. If it goes ahead, the dam threatens to destroy Indigenous People’s homes and the unique biodiversity of the area.

Did you know that as much as 20% of the planet's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest alone?

Sleeping Baby Koala

Perhaps the most well-loved Australian marsupial, the koala is under strict conservation guidelines due to it's inclusion on the Australian threatened species list. These furry critters enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, sometimes sleeping between hours per day!

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority is setting up a panel of scientists to advise on the management of Australia's small pelagic fishery.

Beagle Rescue Delivers Nine Dogs From the Lab to Loving Homes (VIDEO)

These dogs raised in a Nevada laboratory spent their entire lives in cages.  They were taken outside to experience fresh air, sunlight and grass for the first time.  The entire experience was caught on camera.

How cross-eyed cat was left to die by his first owner but was rescued

How cross-eyed cat was left to die by his first owner but was rescued #DailyMail

International Exposé: Sheep Killed, Punched, Stomped on, and Cut for Wool

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