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A family goes into an Anderson air raid shelter in their garden, 1939. Each person carries a gas mask in a little box.

Doris and Alan Suter entering the Anderson shelter in their garden at 44 Edgeworth Road, Eltham, London, duirng the summer of 1940.

Householders emerging from the Anderson shelter in which they took refuge while their house was destroyed in bombing - 25 October 1940

Mr and Mrs John Green and their family are the first to occupy a prefabricated hut house in Glengall Road, Poplar in London, on October 24 1944. It is one of 10,000 of these hut homes that are to be built in the capital'. The Green family's previous house had been bombed; they had no proper kitchen facilities and had been sleeping in an Anderson shelter for five months.

Illustrated history of the Blitz

Simple corrugated steel Anderson shelters, covered over by earth, were dug into gardens up and down the country. While providing surprisingly good protection from all but direct hits, they were often very cold, wet and miserable places in which to shelter.

Two women in Islington London try out the height of their new air raid shelter distributed by the government as protection against German bombing...