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Joe joe_sugg

{FC: Joseph Sugg} Hey, I'm Joseph but please call me Joe. I'm 19 and British. I have an accent so yeah. I'm a likeable guy if I do say so myself. I try to always be happy and make the most of what I have although it isn't much. I'm starting to question my sexuality.. Anyways, introduce?

Cindy Sherman: Me, myself and I

I could not be any more excited about the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MOMA - art - photography

Luna is one of my favourite characters. I even cosplayed her. I always felt different and Luna thought me it's okay to be myself, it's okay to be different, it's okay to be yourself. I love Luna and I'm very happy J.K.Rowling didn't kill her XD. - Daphne V ✨

(Open RP, I'm Victoire, be Teddy. It starts before they get together) It was the start of fifth year and me, Teddy, Rose and Albus had all gone into Hogsmeade for the weekend. We all sat in Rosmerta's pub, mugs of butter beer in front of us. Albus made a joke and we all started laughing, I felt myself leaning in slightly to Teddy and Rose made a face at me. She always said that he likes me since he constantly flirts with me but he flirts with everyone so I passed it off as nothing.

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Hospital

I never had Fuzzy Felts but always wish I had - I used to pal up with kids in class just to play with their Fuzzy Felts and Connect 4 - maybe I should treat myself lol.

I'm seeing All Time Low in May, which is my all time favorite band ever, so I'm really fucking excited for that. Some other fave bands of mine I'd like to see are: Pierce The Veil, 5sos, Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon and multiple more. I wish I could see MCR :((((