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4 Ways To Help A Hurting Loved One - The Daily Positive

Read this aloud, it will impact you deeper. Tell me, are there people in your life that you need to let go of? Be honest... are there excessive thoughts, overthinking and mental blocks that you've created for yourself? Do you agree that it's time for you to take back control? In 2017, my entire purpose is to help you look within. Every writing, every video and every book will be about YOU! I want you to realize that YOU are the source. Are you with me? -- Let's start off by reading my…

I like this poem but it sort of romanticizes self harm. I really like it for the more "you are not alone" message but despise the choice of words.

Poor john he spent 2 years thinking Sherlock is dead then finally gets over him and is about to propose to a girl when suddenly Sherlock comes back with a fake mustache and tries to be cool... I would have done more than punch him he needed some serious kick in the face

Grief. It is extremely hard to lose the ones you love! I know I'll see you again someday Dad and Bryce. The grief will be there everyday as I'll be wishing that I could see you again.

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