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Olomouc: the Czech Republic's best kept secret?

A nice-to-have dilemma for visitors to the Czech Republic is where to go after Prague. There are loads of worthy candidates (Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary come to mind), but the often-overlooked Moravian city, Olomouc, has quietly pushed itself into the conversation.

22 Reasons why Czech Republic must be in the TOP of your Bucket List

Beginners Guide: Cesky Krumlov

Beginners Guide Cesky Krumlov. Thinking of visiting this gem in the Czech Republic? Check out my guide!

50 Things You Must Do When Visiting Berlin (Sunday Chapter)

Berlin has always been such an intriguing city to me. I mean, where else in the world can you swim in a cargo container in a pool that’s in a river, go out partying on Monday morning, drink a 60 cent

Magical Weekend in Prague

Everyone always comments on how beautiful Prague is. As someone who considers herself fairly well-traveled, I was wary that Prague would not live up to its grand expectations. Well, it was 100% true - Prague is one of the most beautiful, enchanting cities in the world. Street after street of beautiful Old World buildings, romantic hilltop views and rich history quickly made Prague one of my Top 5 Favorites list. Here are just a few memories from my short visit.

Barcelona for couples on a budget

The best destination for traveling couples ever! Barcelona on a budget <3

How to travel to Europe on a budget + 5 budget European destinations

Some great travel tips on how to travel europe on a budget, plus 5 budget European destinations to cover all travel interests that will make your money go further. Click to read more. Happy pinning!