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"Having given up sporting activities in his teens, finding them “degrading and demoralising”, Smee was thrown into the deep end. ...“It’s not like being in a tin can,” says Smee of his tailored suit of steel. “You feel like a juggernaut. You can do anything. I wanted to see how flexible it was so I actually rode my bike around in the garden in the armour.”

Things I Associate With MBTI Types - (it has all the types, from what I can tell)

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Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain. Not surprising ! More

Young Mongolian archer at Nadaam festival in Tsagaannuur, Mongolia. Naadam is properly know as “Eryn gurvan naadam," after the three manly games of wrestling, horse racing, and archery making up the core activities of the National Festival. It is the most important festival of the year.