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Venus flytraps use defensive genes for predation

Genetic analysis suggests that Venus flytraps repurposed plant defenses against herbivores to live the carnivore life.

Outrageous Laws Around the US.... Glad to see that Florida is onboard with not selling your kids, but I am a little concerned that Nebraska makes people with STDs automatically unmarry-able...

See the world through the eyes of a cat.

All matter has a resonant frequency that is represented in this table by their spectral emission when observed via Spectroscopy. As you can imagine, some of these frequencies fall within the visible light spectrum. http://www.fieldtestedsystems.com/ A Microwaved Planet's photo. PeriodicTableSpectra http://www.fieldtestedsystems.com/

Watermelon | Flesh diversity from undomesticated to domesticated watermelon. These watermelon plants were grown at Syngenta Woodland station in California.

On land, animals leave footprints that tell us a lot about their size, form and capabilities. Marine organisms do this too, but these footprints are harder to see since water is translucent. Bioengineer Kakani Katija explains how she uses dyes, lasers and more to make them visible, so that she and her intrepid collaborators can understand more about how sea organisms move.

Don't Miss The Premiere Of The World's Smallest Movie

This is so cool! Nanophysicists at IBM made the world's "smallest" stop motion movie using carbon atoms!

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