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Louis XVI and the meeting of the Estate General at Versailles, 1789, French school

Allegory of the Meeting of the Estates General; Louis XVI, accompanied by Justice and Economy, consults the state of the kingdom on the means of achving his generous intentions. 1789.[credit: Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Estampes et photographie]

Louis XVI Entering Paris, October 6, 1789, 1789 by Swebach (1769-1823)

Portrait of Louis XVI, late 18th C engraving, French school

Louis XVI, Roi de France, 1783, French school

Wedding register of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

French Revolution Cockade, 1789

Charles X (1757-1836), King of France younger brother of Louis XVI and Louis…

Louis, Dauphin of France by Maurice Quentin de La Tour, 1745. (4 September 1729 – 20 December 1765) was the only surviving son of King Louis XV of France and his wife, Queen Marie Leszczyńska. Son of the king, Louis was styled Fils de France. As heir apparent, he became Dauphin of France. However, he died before ascending to the throne. Three of his sons became kings of France: Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X.

Louis Xvi: Execution

Execution of King Louis XVI of France on January 21, 1793: contemporary English colored engraving.