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Explore Tomorrow Afternoon, Account I Ll and more!

Please like comment and subscribe to my YouTube account. I'll be posting a special video tomorrow afternoon

Ok so i got 400 followers. Thank you very much you guys are amazing. I cant do the follow spree tonight cuz im sick. I'll (hopefully) be better tomorrow. Then I PROMISE i will have the follow spree!!! :)

So this happened during the Press Conference and I couldn't stop laughing! I'll be sure to post the videos tomorrow afternoon, it was literally so funny :) Love you all Goodnight or Goodmorning idek haha

Im leaving Evansville, Indiana To Go home to texas!!! Sweet home Austin texas but im driving and the hotel wont have wifi so... yah. Wont see u tomorrow afternoon might see u guys till 8:00 a.m. CNT. (Central Time)