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The Yatzer Round-up #7

Armani/Silos, Emotions of the Athletic Body, exhibition view. Photo by Alberto Zanetti.

Folsom Early Native American (immediately following Clovis) culture of North America; technology known for large, fluted, bifacial projectile points used as spear points for big game hunting.

Statues carved from stone and clay 9,000 years ago. About 2,000 of them have been unearthed at Catalhoyuk in Turkey ~ the world's oldest known town. Probably related to fertility.

Five of the 8 coffins/in late June 1836, a group of boys headed out to the north-east slopes of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat to hunt for rabbits. What they found there has remained a baffling mystery ever since.

From the human Popeye to the world's biggest horse: The weird and wacky entries in this year's Guinness Book of Records

Biggest Barbie collection: Blonde Barbie fan Bettina Dorfmann, 52, from Germany, has 15,000 dolls she¿s collected since 1993 ¿ they fill a room