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AIR / WIND - blast, breath, breeze, draft, heavens, ozone, puff, sky, stratosphere, troposphere, ventilation, waft, whiff, zephyr, blow, breath, chinook, cyclone, draught, flurry, flutter, gale, gust, mistral, puff, tempest, typhoon, wafting, whirlwind, whisk,

Photographers Gallery - Numerous photographs were taken to capture the movement of the clouds. Award Winning Photograph by Michael Levin (© Michael Levin)

I've been thinking about the Palouse so thought I'd upload an image from harvest season. It is such a peaceful time of year down there-small crowds and the potential for some pretty dramatic scenes. Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my editing videos: Image Editing Volume 1

A flock of snow geese, thousands strong, begins its seasonal migration North. Via: All Creatures