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Nad's Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Top 5 Eyebrow Shapes. Are your eyebrows arched, or rounded? Find your shape or try them all with Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper, easy no-heat eyebrow waxing right at home.

World war 2 - the women still had it! They wore army clothes, had their hair curved perfectly, red lips and posed with the duck face! And how cute their hats are!

7 Things To Do This Weekend: The Denim and Sneakers Edition

"I'm not having a bad hair day, I'm having a really good shoulder day & my hair just pales in comparison!" (by Tytys-Ts) ----------------- by Solange Knowles

Must read what I'm going to say!!! Comment when read. Thank u. So number 5! What? When u trim your hair regularly. What will it do. Hair grows from the scalp. NOT from the ends,the rest is dead!? U may need to cut some split ends off but apart from that I don't think it will make your hair grow faster. Maybe I'm wrong? Thanks soooo much.

""NATURALLY FINE"" I'm placing this here in my Art Board but I'm torn.. It can easily go in "youthful memories" or "my style" boards B'cause this was so me back in the day... when I rocked a tree-top Afro & hardly ever came off my high-heels...LOL!

17 Photos That Prove Women With Freckles Are Beautiful

17 Photos That Prove Women With Freckles Are Beautiful | Natural Beauty Looks That Will Inspire You! by Makeup Tutorials at

Pin-up queens! The REAL women behind saucy 1950s 'cheesecake' paintings

That hair cut is lovely! My hair dresser never gets what I try to explain, maybe I need to take a picture with me the next time.