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It's probably photoshopped, I can't imagine a real cat sitting still for that picture, but what can I say, amusing anyway!

Cat business. Nothing to look at here.

My dog does this when I get her treats out. Then, if I don't get them to her fast enough she begins going through all of her tricks and commands hoping she'll magically guess the right one and get a treat. Cracks me up!

Cat Humor | If you could just finish showering and feed me! | From The Crazy Cat

hahaha this made me laugh way harder than it should have!

bahaha this reminds me of my old cat. She'd always take off running as if she were demon-possessed or something X)

The Ethics of Leaving Fundamentalism by Hannah Ettinger "Fundamentalism isn’t an ideology, it’s a habit of thought patterns. Fundamentalism is based in fear. Fear of not being heard, fear of being invalidated, fear of attack, of erasure, of silencing."

Story of my life! LOL

Grumpy Cat's influence on kittens