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Recycled PETG Eco collection and nature tile

Moroccan tiles

Bathroom Tile - Keystone 2" Hexagon Mosaic


3 Form Eco Friendly Materials

We were recently introduced to a company that makes striking resin products with various botanical materials embedded in them. They're just dreamy and we can't believe that they're eco friendly, but they are!

Linear Acrylic by Lucite.

Multi-wall polycarbonate panels, the technological grandchild of greenhouse cladding, offer insulation benefits and fire retardancy, let through natural light, are nearly unbreakable, and offer many colors and finishes (frosted, patterned, iridescent even). I'd love to find an innovative place to use material like this: maybe an office wall, a back yard partition (they're UV-resistant), or stairwell. Probably just the clear frosted, though.

DANPALON Polycarbonate Architectural Glazing Systems == EVERLIGHT NZ LTD