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যঈফ ও জাল হাদীস সিরিজ-১ম খণ্ড

Spicy Cajun chicken quinoa

I didn't strictly use the Cajun spice mix but put together my own - cumin, paprika, cinnammon, and fresh coriander.

Spelling Packet/Templates for 15 Words (Homework/Center)

This includes 4 nights of homework: Write 3 times each Write in ABC order Write 5 times each Write each word in a sentence Also includes a "Spelling Test" sheet and a weekly homework sheet that tells the nightly homework assignment. This could also be used in a spelling center to have students practice words! This packet is for if you have 15 word spelling lists! Please see my other versions for 5 words, 10 words, 18 words.

How to Test Seeds for Viability

how to test seeds for viability and germination

How To Test Viability Of Old Seeds

Many seeds can be stored for several years, but the viability of seeds will go down over time. It’s a good idea to test the viability of old seeds before you sow them to make sure it’s worth your time and effort, by performing a simple seed viability test. Here's How To Test Viability Of Old Seeds |

NWEA Primary MAP test review

Here is a 20+ page packet of test review cards to prepare your kiddos for the MAP test. This doesn't include EVERYTHING the MAP tests, but it includes everything that my Kinders struggle with.I go through a few of these every day in our morning circle, and also use them as an assessment tool.Check out the preview to see all that's included.** THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE MAP TEST BUNDLE I OFFERAlso be sure to check out my Patterning Practice Pages, which mimic the way patterning is presented on…