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Alan Rickman--so much more than Snape. There will be no foolish merging or exiting the highway within the next three miles.

Thing is, that's probably why he'd be most famous. He'd be "the Potters' son," or "the boy who gets all those howlers" rather than the boy who lived.

Harry Potter: Parallels to Christianity and the Bible

Every time i watch Goblet of Fire i replay that scene about 394 times.... i love adults who talk to me about Harry Potter and aren't like oh that's for kids.... I can have a 4 hour discussion about Harry Potter i mean, it's Harry Potter...

Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman - you can never have enough of Mr. Velvet Voice. I know it's irreverent of me to favor such a scene out of all his works, but my favorite is the Call Off Christmas scene from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. hysterical.