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From fluffy chicks to birds of prey: The pictures which capture the transformation of growing barn owls

These 3 barn owl chicks are only days from fledging and have appeared at the entrance to their nest one evening patiently awaiting the return of a parent with a rodent dinner.

Easy Owl Crochet What a hoot. We do rather have a thing for Owls! And have shared many owl crafts with you in the past. So naturally when I spotted this little cutie owl, I knew it ad to be

Nerd Girl Problem! If you were a nerdy girl you would realise that you can only get your acceptance letter to hogwarts when you are 11! But you should never give up hope, there is always a possibility of an adventure!

I LOVE Brownies! 2nd-er, then a 6-er for sure! My Mom was Snowy Owl! Arm full of badges ~ Flew up to Girl Guides, not as much fun!

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Not sure this is for real but so lovely-Bright Feather Owl

Bedtime stories. The best time of the day!! Sweet Dreams to you:))


Black barn owl is one in a million, Sable was born with rare genetic condition that has made her feathers jet black - the opposite of an albino

I love searching for then actually finding things to do with the stuff that I am tempted to recycle or trash. Sock owls (and others!).