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3.15.13 Priscilla loves staying under the sun. As the spring nears, she can spend more time outside. She's getting busy in destroying one of her brother's frisbee collections.

3.15.13 It's being torn into pieces -- I guess we need to replace this disc before Frankie finds out...

3.13.13 Vatican just announced the new Pope - Pope Francis. I'm wondering if my doggie, Frankie, is aware that he shares the name with Papa.

3.15.13 Frankie, not paying attention to her sister destroying his toy, is totally into the throw & catch of another disk. He's a happy guy.

Playing in the backyard as long as they want - this was the d-r-e-a-m life they were dying for in Manhattan.

3.17.13 While Frankie was running around in the heavy snow chasing a frisbee disk, Priscilla was on a cozy feather comforter near the fireplace.

3.8.13 Frankie pulled out his favorite frisbee, of course. (Sorry, mom can't play as she needs to remove snow from the patio!)

Priscilla, enjoying her own backyard. No one challenges her, this is hers.