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If you feel that you are producing more milk than usual, you can store it for times when you would not be around to breastmilk feeding the baby.

The Swing breast pump is Medela's smallest and lightest 2-Phase pump. Set the Swing on a tabletop, attach it to your pocket or belt with the clip or hang it from the neck/shoulder strap for the most convenient and comfortable position for you.

If you are experiencing breastmilk leakage problems then visit At Medela, we bring forth an expansive range of breastcare products for complete breastcare. The products range from washable brapads, milk collection shells to disposable nursing pads, breastshells and much more! Explore the range and buy today!

Do you know how to breastfeed your baby in the most efficient manner? Visit today! At Medela we aim to offer the most effective solutions and a plethora of useful information regarding breast feeding in India, which help the mom to feed her baby in the most efficient manner!

Buy the best baby feeding bottles with Medela! A leading baby care brand in India, Medela offers a range of baby bottles that are BPA free, easy to sterilize and carry around. The bottles are also perfect for storing breast milk for prolonged periods. Glance through Medela baby bottles today!

Don’t worry, your #baby will ensure that he has his heart’s fill or will convey his dissatisfaction very strongly to you. If you’re still in doubt, the below mentioned signs of successful #breast_milk feeding will abate your concerns.

Effective Ways to Manage Breastfeeding for Working Mothers

Buy one of Medela breast pumps. These are compact, quick, convenient and even cost effective.

Medela Presents a Range of Vital Products for a Breastfeeding Mom!

If you are a breastfeeding mom, it’s essential for you to have a couple of things handy. These include breastcare products, maternity and nursing wear, a breast pump and its accessories, BPA feeding bottles, milk collecting bottles and baby slings. Each of these vitally makes breastfeeding time comfortable and convenient.

Medela Presents the Best Breastmilk Storage Bottles!

Planning to join back office? But, worried about how to feed your six month old baby? Opt for Medela’s breastmilk storage bottles. A perfect companion to your breastfeeding needs, simply express your breastmilk and store it in Medela’s special BPA-free breastmilk storage bottle for times when you’ll be away from your kid. Buy them today!

Why buy a breast pump from any other brand when you have the option of purchasing one from Medela. A name famed for its comprehensive range of safe nursing products, Medela offers breast pumps that are precisely affordable, made using the latest expression technology, guarantee high-performance and utmost convenience to the mothers. Check out the pumps today!